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As we have stated in the past, we do not invest in a business idea or concept. We invest in people. We have been very fortunate to have been able to surround ourselves with a team of professionals that are highly skilled and have extensive experience in the world of business. Our team is experienced across a wide variety of industries and markets spanning the globe. 

With over sixty years of cumulative experience, we feel that we have the foundation for developing success in business, and the outside contacts to rely on when we navigate unchartered waters we may not be experts in.


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How it Works

Our Approach

We are a hands on company, in everything that we do and invest in. We support and work hard to ensure our investments succeed, indiviually and in our joint ventures as well.

Community Partnership

We are an integral part of the communities that we work and live in. We believe in giving back to create a better world for the future and not just take. We own and operate a non profit company across all of our investments and subsidiaries.

Investor Relation

In some cases we offer up businesses, that we own and operate, to outside investors into a private offering. Our investors have shared in our many successes.

Growing Funds

We are constantly growing our business base with new ventures and aquisitions yearly.


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Davidyan Holdings LLC.

“There are many ways to build a successful business and make money, and there even more ways to be mediocre.” –

Aurel Davidyan


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