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Aurel Davidyan’s family came to this country nearly twenty years ago with nothing more than a dream for freedom and the willingness and privelage to work hard to build a better future for our family.

Working in the automotive industry and the manufacturing industry for over thirty years Ivan Davidyan taught all of the family the value of hard work, honesty, drive, and integrity and they carry that through to all of the Davidyan family of businesses and partners. Davidyan Holdings LLC is much more than just a business incubator focused only on dollars and cents.

At a young age Aurel Davidyan graduated school early and began his entreprenurial career. At fifteen he started and built a successful first business. After selling a successful biusiness and growing a trucking company Aurel realized the value of investments and began investing his money into the expanding logistics and freight industries.

Soon he was able to bring in other family members and beneft from additional experience and further grow successful businesses that were struggling. Davidyan Holdings LLC was born from this humble beginings and currently oversees a growing empire of successful and upcoming businesses across the nation and the globe.

Our Company Mission, Vision, Values.



Our mission is to create successful businesses, and companies, that develop the management teams and to contribute to the communities and the world they serve.


Our vision is to build, and continue developing businesses, that grow and contribute to the Davidyan Holdings family of companies, while creating a better world within the communities and the industries they operate in.


We work with the values of being responsible, for any and all actions, that we take both professionally and personally. What we do is more than just lip service to our family and our business partners.

Recent Years

The Proof are in the Results



  • New Government Relationships
  • Leading State Advisory Council DOT
  • Full-fledged team recruit
  • New Locations Developed



  • Five Year MileStone
  • 700 Billion Dollar Industry Development
  • 300% Market Growth
  • Six Sigma Transition



  • New Partners
  • Non Profit Division Begun
  • Divirsification Plans Developed
  • New Logistics Industry Specialization


Meet Our Team


Aurel Davidyan

Aurel Davidyan


Mark Sampath

Mark Sampath

Legal Counsel - Securities Investments

Ivan Davidyan

Ivan Davidyan

Principle - International Investments

Richard Greer

Richard Greer

VP Operations


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Davidyan Holdings LLC.

“There are many ways to build a successful business and make money, and there even more ways to be mediocre.” –

Aurel Davidyan


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